Kelly S. Taylor interview at IndieSpotlight

Tell us about your book:

“I’m the author of The Lady Actress: Recovering the Lost Legacy of a Victorian American Superstar. It’s a book about the life and career of Anna Cora Mowatt, a person who was rather famous during her lifetime and is almost completely unknown now. She was the first woman to author a hit comedy on Broadway. She had successful careers as a public reader, an actress, a novelist, and a poet as well. Mowatt, the daughter of wealthy New York family, skillfully and tenaciously held on to her status as a person respectable enough to be received in high society while arm-deep in what was considered a to be a very depraved profession. In those days, actress were generally assumed to double as prostitutes. Although there were accomplished theatrical professionals like Fanny Kemble and Charlotte Cushman who were greatly admired by even the most stuffy, moneyed, Victorian Americans, rank and file female performers were considered vulgar, possibly criminal personages. A proper pre-Civil War parent of any income bracket would look on the announcement that their daughter had decided to become an actress much the same way a contemporary parent react to their child saying, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m dropping out of college and becoming a stripper!'”
Kelly S. Taylor interview at IndieSpotlight, October 1, 2010