Scheduling Announcement

Starting this week and for the remainder of this year (October – December) I will be switching to posting once every two weeks instead of once a week. I have some additions to the website I would like to make and several Mowatt- related projects I would like to devote some time to. As a sample of these endeavors, I have already added pages briefly summarizing the basic facts about the three major musical adaptations of “Fashion”

Fashion! Or Life in New York; a Comedy with Music
Yankee Ingenuity
Fashion; a High Style Comedy

I have also put together a reading of Sarah Annie Frost’s “Misfortune” one of the one-act parlor theatricals loosely derived from “Fashion” printed in her best-selling 1859 home entertainment manual “Parlor Charades and Tableau.”

I hope this temporary change in scheduling will give me enough extra time to complete many more projects like these. I plan to return to posting weekly in January.

Scheduling Announcement
Scheduling Announcement

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