My Librivox “Album” has Dropped!

This is probably the most un-Victorian manner possible to articulate this information, but the Anna Cora Mowatt poems I recorded for Librivox earlier this month are now available – along with several other lovely selections by various other poets from other talented volunteers — for your listening pleasure.

Short Poetry Collection 200

My selections are: “Love,” “My Life,” and “Time.”

For a fulsome discussion of Mowatt’s very Victorian poetry, see Chapter Three of The Lady Actress, or this blog entry.

Recording a reading was fun and I intend to try again this month. However because of the perceptual difficulties I still have due to my head injury, the project was more challenging than I anticipated it might be. I’m not sure if I will be able to do longer selections. We’ll have to see. As with all things post TBI, it’s just one step at a time…

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