Anna Cora Mowatt’s house

“In 1835, James Mowatt, a lawyer, bought the house for his wife, Anna Cora Mowatt. Mrs. Mowatt had been a celebrated actress, and this house would be her most famous stage.

“Anna Mowatt loved the tales and drama of the house. She loved the stories about the haunting by the mistress who died for love, and the star-crossed lovers who would find each other after war, marry, and live in the house her father had banished her lover from. She embraced the tales of tortured soldiers and terrified slaves, all of whom were also ghostly participants in her tales. All of the stories were told and retold by her as she entertained in the fine old manor house, where she lived from 1836 until 1841.”
Walkabout: The History and Legend of Melrose Park, Part 3

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